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Elyts Schuhe Mid Top 2 Action Leder weiss

Elyts presents the successor to the Top Icon shoes.

These mid top shoes are made of genuine nubuck and action leather to withstand the tough and rough demands of scootering.

A reinforced heel area provides full ankle support and protects your ankle from injury from tailwhips.

One of the most important tasks of the Elyts shoes is shock absorption. Elyt's shoes reached the finish by incorporating a proprietary mid sole on the inside of the shoe sole and a high rebound insole with gel pads that focuses on cushioning just below the heel.

The outsole was also specially designed for scooter needs and comes with a 5 mm thick sole with high rubber content for better grip and minimal abrasion. All soles are tested in the laboratory and have to meet DIN 65, the ultimate standard in skate shoes. One of the biggest advantages of the Icons shoes is that the driver can still feel the deck ..


- NEW real Nubuck and action leather

- Reinforced heel area for additional heel support

- NEW 15% harder sole insole to prevent strike through

- High rubber content for minimal wear (DIN 65)

- Consistently high density insole with gel inserts for added impact protection

- Extensive padding in tongue and collar

- Mesh and perforated fabric for ventilation

- Padded shaft for ankle protection at tailwhips

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