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Razors SL Quinny Pro Skate

Short in stature, but long in accomplishments, Scott Quinn, the soon-to-be Scottish legend, is proud to introduce his brand new pro SL boot from Razors.  The Quinny Pro is a design based two of Scott's favorite shoes infused together along with the trusted SL mold.  The stylish new upper sits atop a set of trusted Ground Control FLT3 frames complete with a 64mm wheel, adding to speed while grinding and on the roll.



An avid street skater, Quinny has to fill a lot of time during the long Scottish winters, allowing plenty of indoor skatepark sessions to keep the mind and body fit.  While working and skating at Unit 23 last winter, Scott got creative with some power tools and found he could squeeze the 64mm in without weakening the boot. Since then he has been glued to rolling with larger wheels and doesn't plan on changing anytime soon.


Quinny wanted to make sure he put out a solid promotional piece as an introduction for this new project, so he took a few weeks off and flew to Texas in effort to compile a complete street profile, showcasing the boy and his blades: "It was an awesome experience filming with Ant Medina in Texas, such a positive dude with a great vision on how blading should look. He really has nailed it with this one and excited to see what the feedback will be."  You can check out the complete edit here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FWcBFgqk4ZY



"I have already received so many kind words from friends and family about the boot. Can't wait for peeps to give em a try and to see my buddies rolling in em." - Scott Quinn



Quinny SL Features:

  • Black SL boot with Black/Grey suede soft-top
  • NEW designed Razor liner with new articulated tongue
  • NEW GC FLT3 frame
  • NEW GC 64mm Wheel
  • Replaceable soulframe, backslide plate, soul pieces, cuff, and buckle
  • ABEC 9 bearings

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