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Remind Insoles "Cush" - Clouds

The Cush features a biomechanically engineered shape to help correct the foot and joints into proper alignment, alleviate body and joint stress and evenly distribute weight and heavy shock impacts.  Constructed with the most durable ultra light weight materials The Cush comes equip with Blue Magic Impact Absorption in the forefoot and heel, a highly durable self-forming therapeutic foam and a 3/4 supportive cap to ensure high performance, protection, durability and ultimate comfort.

The Clouds Cush 2016 insole is a revamped version of the original Cush model.  With it’s same bio-mechanical and anatomical engineered shape to correct the foot and body into proper alignment, the end result is: alleviated stress on the joints, better posture and circulation, enhanced strength and performance, and heightened balance and stability. The Cush is built with the highest quality of materials for heavy impact absorption and abuse. It’s self-forming capability makes it ready to go out of the box and and will mold to your specific foot and arch shape hassle free with no need for any type of molding process.

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